BCnutrition is an e-health company that is certified & EU registered medical institution that employs both certified nutritionists & data scientists to develop machine-learning (ML/AI) technology to create personalized diet plans for European costumers.

Rapidly growing online personalized diet plan provider (82% CAGR) focusing on European markets
BCnutrition: exemplary
nutrition plan

BCnutrition is a digital health startup (eHealth, InsurTech) that employs certified nutritionists and works with data scientists to develop machine learning technology to create personalized diet (nutrition) plans to reach weight loss goals of European customers in the most effective way.
It offers users to lose weight with no exercising, no fasting, no medication. It is healthy & personalized weight loss plan, which is entirely based on tasty & healthy food.

BCnutrition showed an extremly revenue growth during COVID-19 crisis and was skyrocketing in our European markets.

Technology: AI in nutrition:

The diet plans are created by certified nutritionists providing online access to nutritionists (and trainers), brand awareness & endorsement by celebrities, helps to treat obesity related diseases database with 700 000 created diet plans registered medical institution.
It’s technology / SaaService can partly replace 520K nutritionist from all over the world.
It’s like an Amazon-like recommendation system, based on historical performance of eaten meal, combined with WOE-based self-learning model. This allows to build AI/ML based personalised diet plan generation technology.

Process flow

  1. diet plans created by certified nutritionists
  2. online access to nutritionists (and trainers)
  3. brand awareness & endorsement by celebrities
  4. helps to treat obesity related diseases
  5. database with 700 000 created diet plans
  6. registered medical institution
Intellectual property (IP)

BCnutrition is capitalizing its database of more than 700 000 created diet plans to build artificial intelligence/machine learning solution that will allow instantly to create personalized nutrition plans for millions of people all over the world.


BCnutrition reached in bootstrapping way approximately 4 million euro revenues with 30% profit margin.
Exit: exit of 22% of founders share (of 55% now).