„Only the one who founds himself knows what he is talking about.“ For this reason, Balance Consulting invests in its fields of experience and expertise.
Currently, it owns shares of innovative healthcare start-up concepts and sustainable food & packaging initiatives in order to give exceptional ideas a chance of implementation and to ensure practice-oriented consulting services to its clients.

This includes fields of expertise like CSR, climate sustainability in corporate strategies (e.g. CO2 footprint, sustainable consumption), business models of circular economy, and corporate or organisational healthcare (OHM)/BGM), and eHealth services to insurances. How do you execute this in your company or as experienced general managers, see our UnternehmeRBeratung.eu.

Recent founding:
MARVIC-EuropaVerde is a new foundation of us at Balance Consulting, formerly „MoringaVerde„. Balance Consulting is a startup accelerator focused on startups in sustainability, eHealth and food. Read more on the web-pages as linked here.

Further Mentees, Concepts & Partnerships

  • Nutrition for fitness & health by real AI & app
  • Femtech portal – education & community only for women
  • eunearshoring.com (upcoming) – your resource of „guarantee of delivery“ in IT procurement

and in bio-food and sustainability

For further information, please, contact us directly as secretly.